Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan, Canada

Fly-In Walleye Fishing at it's Best

The legend of Wapata Lake, begins with the thought of catching a giant Northern Pike.  But the story doesn't stop there, it continues with Walleye fishing, on e of the top fresh water game fish of North America.  Many will say that Walleye is the top prize for shore lunch, a light flaky flesh and truly incredible flavour from our fresh clean waters.

Walleye fishing at Cree River Lodge is simply a matter of choice.  Do you feel like chasing Northern Pike today or Walleye.  Why not both?  Pike and Walleye inhabit the same lake and river systems.  Cree River Lodge is near the Northern extent of the Walleye range but we have abundant Walleye.  Fishing for Walleye usually means we are going a bit deeper, often Walleye are found in 15' to 20' of water.  Your guides know all the Walleye holes.

When it comes to looks, Walleye are very photogenic.  Some may refer to them as greenback due to the colour transitions from a light underbelly to a greenish-golden side and deep green back.  Add the large marble eyes and the spiny dorsal fin and it's a remarkable fish.
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Walleye Fishing Tackle Tips



  • 5’ to 7’ light to medium action spinning


  • Light spinning reel with at least 6lb mono (20-30 pound braid is ideal)


  • ½ oz lead head jigs in various colours, rubber tails (single or double), and crankbaits such as Hot’n Tots, Rattlin Raps, or WallyDivers for trolling.

World Class Fishing at your Doorstep

At Cree River Lodge, you don't have to go far to find fish.  In fact, there have have been many good hours spent casting off the dock at camp and reeling in Walleye and a few Pike.  Some of the best fishing is close to the lodge, just a short boat ride.  There is no need to spend hours getting to the the spot and hours getting back.  We get into fish early, in fact some boats will leave the lodge at trolling speed and catch fish all the way to the first stop.  Sound like they were in the spot all along!

Cree River Lodge is located on the river, sheltered from the effects bad weather can have on the larger lake body.  On days of extreme wind, we have hot spots to fish within sight of the lodge, around the first bend, and around the next bend.  There isn't a bad day to fish as far as we are concerned, just a different clothing selection to match the weather.
You don't have to go far to start getting that feeling that the next trophy might be just within casting distance...