Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan, Canada

Northern Saskatchewan Bear Hunting at it's Best

Looking for a chance at a giant bear and catch trophy fish at one of Saskatchewan's top fisheries?


For all bear hunting information, please contact Patrick Babcock at

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Low Pressure High Quality Bear Hunts

Our area is famous for bears, big black bears.  With enough color phase variety to make you think about passing up that big boar for a chocolate, or cinnamon, or a blonde.  Regardless of the color you are looking for, it's walking through our hunting territory, right now.   Thankfully there is a very low rate of hunting pressure in our woods.  Sitting in your tree stand, you just might the only human around for 5 miles, or maybe 10 miles. 

Did we mention big bears?  Well we mean big bears.  Because of the low hunting pressure, these bears go year after year without seeing a hunter, and year after year to grow bigger.  Patience is what our bear hunting game is all about.  You could pull on the trigger, or pull back your bow, on the first decent bear you see, but that takes you out of the hunt early.  A little patience will get you a shot at that big boar you were hoping to see.