Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan, Canada

Remote Fly-In Fishing At Its Best

Long before the floats ever touch that pristine water, you get a sense that there is something truly special awaiting. For some, it might be this unspoiled native land for as far as your eye or imagination can take you. Or maybe, it's the legend of Wapata Lake, with her endless beauty and countless breathtaking sunsets. But I'm thinking... call it a hunch, but I'll bet it's the thought of catching a giant Northern Pike. And I mean a giant. Pike so big, and so nasty, that the thrill of the catch and release will be etched in that special place that is reserved exclusively for the once-in-a-lifetime. Line rippin', reel burnin', rod bendin' Pike—that's what Cree River Lodge is about.

Openings for 2024

We have a few remaining fishing trip bookings still available for 2024.

  • July 15 - 19 - 15. 6 spots open, 4 days.
  • July 19 - 23. 12 spots open, 4 days.

For more information or to book your spots call Pat Babcock: @  1-306-276-7841 or email:

World Class  Fishing at your Doorstep

Sunny Days are Great for Fishing


Bright sunshine on the tree lined shore sure makes for an awesome background for your trophy pics.  By the way, the sun rises before 5:00 am during much of the fishing season, and sets past 10:00 pm.  Do the math, that's plenty of time to catch a few trophy fish.

Many of our favorite fishing spots are just a short boat ride from the lodge.  You won't have to travel far to start getting that hook in the water.


Rain or Shine - Fishing Guaranteed!


Rainy days only slow us down long enough to add another layer of rain gear.  The fish are hungry no matter the weather and we have plans to go hook a few trophies each and every day.

You don't have to go far to start getting that feeling that the next trophy might be just within casting distance.  There's no question, the fish are here.

Northern Pike Fishing


Every year countless Northern Pike in the 30" to 40" range are caught & released. Monster Northerns in the 40" to 50" range are not uncommon. A legitimate shot at battling giants over 45 inches makes for awesome fishing every day you're at the lodge.

Have we told you yet that Pike are a fantastic fighting fish, on spin casting gear or on a fly rod?  Choose your tackle, cast your lure/streamer, and get ready for a battle.

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Walleye Fishing

Golden walleye in the 2 - 6 lb. range are abundant and are easily caught on simple rigging. During the month of August we have some of our best walleye fishing right off the dock.

A spectacular looking fish and top of the menu.  You can catch Walleye and Pike with the same lures and same gear, but typically Walleye will be in deeper water.  Your guides will help you pick the right spot.

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Arctic Grayling Fishing

As an added bonus to already unbelievable fishing, Arctic Grayling, the “Sailfish of the North” can be found a short 5 minute boat ride from the lodge.

These are a light tackle fish especially suited to fly fishing and their acrobatic fighting display must be experienced.

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The Lodge

When you come to Cree River Lodge, you will not be disappointed with the facilities, food, service—or most of all—the fishing. Because we are a small lodge, we and our staff have the opportunity to give all our guests very personalized service. We take pride in giving our guests the type of service we like to receive when we are on vacation.

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