Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan, Canada

Premium Northern Pike Fly Fishing at it's Best

Leave the gear-chuckers behind with their lead jigs, their wobbly metal spoons, their minnows and leaches and fish like you were meant to be connected directly to the lake.  There's just nothing that can compare to the feel of the fish on a fly rod. 

Be prepared, hold on tight, and be patient.  Once you hook one of these big Northern Pike on a fly rod, the battle is on.  Big Pike have big power and they will test the bend in your fly rod and in the strength of your leader.  This will be a fight, a fight that will only end when the fish decides it is tired and let's you have control.  Then you can coax the fish to your guide's net where it will be handled and released safely.

The head shaking power of a Northern Pike is amplified all through the 9 feet of rod as you battle the fish to the boat.  Now realize that the toothy predator lurking hungrily below the surface might be a 40" pike ready to dart like a torpedo to your streamer fly and now you have some excitement!!

Fly Fishing Tackle Tips


These tips are meant as a guideline only. Most of you will have your favorite equipment and lures that you know work well. We have an excellent assortment of tackle at the lodge so if there's something that you are needing once you get up here, or have forgotten, don't worry. We probably have it!

Pike Flyrods

  • 9 or 10 wt rods with WF floating lines.  Sink tips can be advantageous under certain conditions.

Pike Flies

  • Large streamers in a variety of patterns and colours, poppers and other topwater patterns can be a lot of fun at times.