Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan, Canada

Fishing Testimonials

Taken Straight from our Guest Book

We have had some amazing adventures here at Cree River Lodge. These are all unedited, unscripted testimonials from our guest book.  In places we were not able to read the signatures so we may have missed your name.  Feel free to email us and we will be sure to add it.  We are also digging through our picture archives to try and add some guest pictures to the testimonials.

Every time we turn the page on our guest book and read through more of the fishing testimonials we keep seeing our guests talking about a new "personal best".  Whether that is the most Walleye they have ever caught in a day or their first Arctic Grayling or their biggest Northern Pike, we are thrilled to hear all of their experiences and thrilled to see the see the huge smiles on their faces when they talk about back next year to do it all again.

Made the trip with high expectations.  All expectations were exceeded, blown out of the water.  Was hoping to land a few  pike on my fly rod and broke all my personal records with a 46" pike on the fly.  8 pike 40" or larger in 3 days.  Thanks to the guides, Darren, Joel, Georgie for putting us in the right spots, again, again, again.

Galen Sonntag, Dan Reynolds - Saskatoon, SK

- July 9, 2021


-          Thanks for my 1st fish!! 36.5” pike. Cant wait to come back.

- Matt

-         Thanks for a great time. Hope to see you next year. Fun fun fun.

- Frank P, Southington, CT, USA

-         Thanks for an awesome time. The fishing was great, you cannot keep them off the hook. The hospitality was second to none. Thanks for a wonderful, relaxing time.

- Carsen French

-         Thank you for a great time. Most fish and biggest fish I have ever caught. Cabins were very nice and the cooking was great.

- Jamie Kause

-         Thank you very much for the hospitality. I have never caught so many fish. 41.5” pike, many 37-39”. Great time.

- Lou Parent

Thanks for the great time. I have never been a fisherman, but this was one of the best experiences I have ever had.

- Vincent Shank

These are memories that last a lifetime especially with pics. Truly an exceptional 3 days of fishing mammoth northerns. Excellent food & great people & fellowship! Will NOT forget!! Thank you for everything!

- Daniel

Thank you for a super weekend full of fun, never a dull moment. True natural setting with excellent hospitality, much appreciated. I would highly recommend for the best fishing I’ve ever experienced. Thanks again.

- Scott Sware

Thank you for a fantastic trip. Exceptionally well managed. The best fishing / great food. Well done.

- Larry Miller

August 8, 2018

The Dilly Guys from Philly. Where do I start? 2nd year at Cree Lake, the best lodge in Canada. Fishing is over the top – Chip is a great guide and friend – the food and hospitality cannot be beat. Patrick you know how to please – hope to be back. Still the Philly two.

- Bill Baddy, Philadelphia, PA, USA

June 27, 2018

30th year anniversary trip of a group of fishing buddies – perfect choice! Thanks for everything. Prime time!

- Bill Turpin, Houston, TX, USA

June 27, 2018

World class in every way, trip up river to the dunes ranks in the top 3 big pike days of my life. Thanks for everything.

- Fosston, MN, USA

June 27, 2018

We had an incredible, wonderful time! Fabulous fishing, great food, and awesome hospitality. Hope to return again and bring family and friends. Thank you so much, Pat and staff!!

- Jim Fitzpatrick, Houston, TX, USA

June 27, 2018

An amazing experience, great fishing, fantastic guides, and wonderful food. A trip I will never forget. It was fun to spend a week with my son and friends!

- Mark, P.R., MN

June 27, 2018

Great food, great group of people, awesome guides. Had nonstop action on the fly rod for both pike and greyling. Awesome week that I will not forget. Thanks again!!

- Logan Van Hoof, Madison, Wisonsin, USA

June 27, 2018

First class accommodations and guides. Biggest Pike caught in 40 years (45”). The food was amazing.

- John Van Hoof, Appleton, Wisonsin, USA

June 27, 2018

Fantastic week! Pike, Walleye, Grayling were all a blast. Team Cree River Lodge were all awesome! Thanks to all, greatly appreciated.

- Dave Van Hoof, Appleton, Wisonsin, USA

June 27, 2018

First time fishing in 25 years, you guys made it so easy. Awesome people, great food and a super time. Hope to be back.

- Scott Zurflua, Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

June 14, 2018

Great lodge, great staff, great guides, and most importantly, great fish!

- Robert Ortiz, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

June 14, 2018

Hoy muchas pescas, no? Great guides, staff, fish. Thank you for the memorable week!

- Scott Eaton, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

June 14, 2018

Amazing trip, tons of fish. Amazing staff and lodge. Dunes was a great day trip. Will be back, thanks all.

- Chris McLennan, Webster, Alberta, CAN

June 14, 2018

Awesome times on the lake and at the lodge. Big fish. Thanks to all the staff at Cree River Lodge. River trip to the sand dunes was amazing and huge Jack on the river!!

- Lance Patterson

June 14, 2018

Cree River Lodge is fantastic!! The only place in Canada where the fish bite better than the mosquitos!!

- Frank Balderrama, New Mexico, USA

June 11, 2018

Good times, great fishing. Had a blast! Great meals and guides. Thanks for everything, especially the 45.5” Jack!

- Scotty Busch

June 18, 2021

Came to fish for the first time, what a beautiful place! Awesome fishing, great people, great food!  thanks Pat and Lori for the hospitality! Thanks Georgie for the great guiding, learned alot. Looking forward to coming back.

Rob Erixon

Clavet, SK

Mar 14, 2023

 I had a great time with you all last summer.  I'm not one of the gurus of northwoods fishing lodges, but I can compare Cree River with several, and it stands out for such a friendly, easy-going atmosphere, coupled with some great pike fishing.  Everyone treated me wonderfully--especially you and Clifford and Dante.  This summer, during that same late June/early July time frame, I'm planning some do-it-yourself exploration of small, off-the-track bass lakes in northern Wisconsin, so that will be taking the place of a Canadian trip this time around.  You're circled on my mental map, though, and underscored a couple of times too.  I hope I'll get back to Cree River.

- John Tulp

June 18, 2021

First trip, amazing place! Had a great time. Guides were all top notch very nice people. Recommend dart games with the guys! Just don't let Jay create the shooting order! Thanks Pat and Lori.

Mike Emron

Lucky Lake, SK

June 18, 2021

2nd trip - brought the 5 older kids plus 1. A great family adventure. Was kept busy and entertained. Thanks again to guides for amazing fishing, tour of lake, and shore lunches. Thanks again to the cook - such good food. thanks Pat and Lori - you run a great lodge.

Bob & Kim Ericson

Clavet, SK

Fantastic Experience! 46.5" Northern and many many more - non-stop action! Wonderful time, great food & company. Would love to come back some time.

Jess Ollila

Pat. July 12 - 2014. We've been up to Canada some 19 times and at different camps but ENA and others cannot compare to the Jack Fishing and/or Walleye Fishing of Cree River Lodge. Please Keep it Always. in the Catch & Release program. Please!!

Jack Romanek

Casper, Wyo

The fishing was excellent. I had a great overall experience from the outstanding shore lunches to the hospitality and the guides. I caught the largest Walleye I've ever seen near the Sand Dunes at 31 inches.

Thanks for the great 3rd experience.

Colin Zimer

The third time that I've been to Canada and this has to be the nicest lodge/best fishing I have ever experienced. Thanks for the awesome time!

Wow, Wow, Thank you, Thank you Pat, Curtis, carol, Kyle, Joel. Over and Above as always.
Berry, Gaton, Ricardo, Tyson Roblin, Trent Roblin, Thanks for making and having a trip of a lifetime.
Corwin Block

Unreal. What I love about Cree River is you are in walleye, monster jack, and grayling within minutes of the lodge - no 20 minute boat ride. I would recommend time at the rapids and the river. Four casts with 4 fish over 40 inches has to be the hilight!! the amazing food and shore-side lunches topped off the trip I will be back. - July 21, 2016
Dan Johnson
Swift Current, SK

Amazing Fishing, Great Friendships, Unreal Food. I will be back. - July 21, 2016
Tracy David
Unity, SK

Thank you Pat and crew for an absolutely amazing experience and your warm hospitality. The boys and I thoroughly enjoyed our time in this paradise. The fishing was epic, the food fantastic and best of all enjoyed the comforts and friendships of your crew, guests, and our family. It's been a time we wont ever forget and look forward to our next opportunity to be here. - July 29, 2016
David Stalker, Mathew + Joseph Stalker
Kansas City, MO

This is my favorite trip every year.  Twice a year.  Thank You All Again. - June 26, 2016


Best Walleye fishing in 10 years! Thanks for doing a great job as our host! You continue to improve the wonderful experience. All the best.

- Mike Irvin. Hillsborough, California

Cree River Crew,

We had an outstanding time at the lodge and on the lake this week. Biggest pike on the fly.  Stef's biggest pike, grayling and walleye and summer whitefish!  Meals were too good.  Hope to see you again soon.  Cree river lodge is like fishing in a dream.

Thanks All!

- Brad and Stef Fenson

Date: July 19-21-2016
Unreal. What I love about Cree River is you are in walleye, monster jack and grayling within minutes of the lodge - no 20 minute boat ride. I would recommend time at the rapids and the river. Four casts with 4 fish over 40 inches has to be the highlight!! The amazing food and shore-side lunches topped off the trip.
Name: Dan Johnson
Date: Aug 21, 2015 Thx for the awesome fishing + Great food and Company, Completely awesome, Thx.”.
Name: Brennan Tucker
Date: Aug 21, 2015 Best fishing ever! 46.5" Jack, lots of Walleye! Awesome food, awesome people. Keep doing what your doin. thanks for the experience.
Name: Kevin Johnstone, Saskatoon, SK
Date: Aug 21, 2015 Great fishing, Great people, Great food, Tons of fun. Thanks for everything.
Name: Mitch + Max Herzog, Wilkie, SK
Date: June 10, 2014 Greatest fishing experience I've ever had!
Name: Calvin Auchie
Date: June 20, 2014. 46" plus!! Numerous 35" - 42" to many to mention. Ask for Joel....You'll be pleased. I'll be back.
Name: Barry Flipping, AB
Date: July 5, 2014 Thank you for the family atmosphere, good laughs + the BEST fishing these green eyes have seen. Also thanks for not sending us to the hospital during spoons! Cheers from Chicago! 29 inch Willy the Walleye. 45 inch Jack.
Name: Kurt Andrews, Chicago, Ill
Date: June 30, 2014. What a great time - food fish and food. Take the River trip and see the Canadian North. Thanks for the lesson on catching the Walleye. Pike fishing was Great. We both enjoyed it a lot.
Name: Connie and Judy Schindle. Worthing, MN
Date: July 5, 2014. My first 40" Northern, 28" Wally, and a very nice grayling to say the least it was a trip of firsts. So lucky to have had the chance to experience such a friendly and fun family. Can't wait to come back..
Name: Aaron Graunke, Chicago, Ill
Date: July 9, 2013. Thanks Pat & Crew, my 3rd time here and once again it was a class act. - Blaine Buckle
Date: July 9, 2013. Thanks Pat & Team CREE RIVER (Adam, John, Joel). This was my first time here But I promise it wont be my last! The food was top notch, especially the Shore Lunches. I caught more fish here in 3 days than in a lifetime of fishing back home @ Crooked Lake. Caught several fish over 40" and my best was 44". For a NORTHERN FISHING VIRGIN I have to say ... It was a Great Trip! See Ya Next Year. Lyle Boceman
Date: July 11, 2013. Pat, Joel & George. Cree River Lodge, 3 days in paradise... Good times, Great people and no words to describe the fishing...please see pictures for yourself. Travis Bagnall, Lloyd, AB p.s. I'll be back.
Date: July 12, 2013. Great place guys and a lot of fun!!! The fishing is unparalleled. Luc Turcotte Lloydminster, AB
Date: August 6, 2017. Awesome time again - Thanks Pat and family.  44" Jack - good fish eh!

Kevin Johnston - Saskatoon
Date: Aug 6, 2017.
Great Trip Again! Awesome Fishing & Amazing Service. See you again!

Randy Lewis - Calgary
Date: Aug 6, 2017.

Wonderfull - Wonderfull fishing experience. Best I ever had! Definately will be back. Excellent food amazing shore lunches. Great Great cooks, guides. Everything and everyone pleased me.