Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan, Canada

Fishing Testimonials

Taken Straight from our Guest Book

We have had some amazing adventures here at Cree River Lodge. These are all unedited, unscripted testimonials from our guest book.  In places we were not able to ready the signatures so we may have missed your name.  Feel free to email us and we will be sure to add it.  We are also digging through our picture archives to try and add some guest pictures to the testimonials.

Made the trip with high expectations.  All expectations were exceeded, blown out of the water.  Was hoping to land a few  pike on my fly rod and broke all my personal records with a 46" pike on the fly.  8 pike 40" or larger in 3 days.  Thanks to the guides, Darren, Joel, Georgie for putting us in the right spots, again, again, again.

Galen Sonntag, Dan Reynolds - Saskatoon, SK

- July 9, 2021


This is my favorite trip every year.  Twice a year.  Thank You All Again. - June 26, 2016


Best Walleye fishing in 10 years! Thanks for doing a great job as our host! You continue to improve the wonderful experience. All the best.

- Mike Irvin. Hillsborough, California

Cree River Crew,

We had an outstanding time at the lodge and on the lake this week. Biggest pike on the fly.  Stef's biggest pike, grayling and walleye and summer whitefish!  Meals were too good.  Hope to see you again soon.  Cree river lodge is like fishing in a dream.

Thanks All!

- Brad and Stef Fenson

Date: July 19-21-2016
Unreal. What I love about Cree River is you are in walleye, monster jack and grayling within minutes of the lodge - no 20 minute boat ride. I would recommend time at the rapids and the river. Four casts with 4 fish over 40 inches has to be the highlight!! The amazing food and shore-side lunches topped off the trip.
Name: Dan Johnson
Date: Aug 21, 2015 Thx for the awesome fishing + Great food and Company, Completely awesome, Thx.”.
Name: Brennan Tucker
Date: Aug 21, 2015 Best fishing ever! 46.5" Jack, lots of Walleye! Awesome food, awesome people. Keep doing what your doin. thanks for the experience.
Name: Kevin Johnstone, Saskatoon, SK
Date: Aug 21, 2015 Great fishing, Great people, Great food, Tons of fun. Thanks for everything.
Name: Mitch + Max Herzog, Wilkie, SK