Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan, Canada

Arctic Grayling Fly Fishing at it's Best

There's just nothing that can compare to the feel of the fish on the end of you fly line.  Grayling put on a spectacular leaping and twisting and somersaulting display!  With bright irradescent colors and that amazing fin, the visual display is spectacular.

Arctic Grayling are also well known to chase flies with abandon.  In fact Arctic Grayling fishing on a light weight fly rod is one of the rare treats of fishing in Northern Saskatchewan. 

Grayling are opportunistic feeders.  A match the hatch strategy can often be successful, bouncing stone flies or woolly buggers in front of them or hoppers and caddis flies above them will also lead you to a great many catches.

Light tackle (4 wt. fly rod recommended) and the ability to cast a fly 20+ feet will likely get into enough fights with grayling to make you eager to cast again.
Arctic Grayling Fishing

Grayling Fly Fishing Tackle Tips


These tips are meant as a guideline only. Most of you will have your favorite equipment and lures that you know work well. We have an excellent assortment of tackle at the lodge so if there's something that you are needing once you get up here, or have forgotten, don't worry. We probably have it!

Grayling Flyrods

  • 3 or 4  wt rods with WF floating lines.  Most Grayling fishing will be in shallow flowing water.  If nymphing is required, heavy nymphs will get down there without sinking line.

Grayling Dry Flies

  • Adams, Royal Wulff, Elk Hair Caddis, Humpies, Black Gnat, small Hoppers

Grayling Wet Flies

  • Pheasant Tail Bead Head, Stone Fly Nymph, Woolly Buggers