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The Reviews Speak for Themselves

“As an outdoors writer for the past quarter century, I've had the opportunity to fish a great deal of water with a great number of people, from the far north to Mexico. I can truly state that never have I spent time with better, more experienced anglers than the folks at Cree River Lodge. I felt comfortable from the moment our boat touched the dock at Cree River until; sadly it was time to depart. The fishing, food and hospitality were top notch and I am eagerly awaiting round two with those big pike and walleye.”

Luke Clayton

Writer & Radio Host, Outdoors With Luke Clayton

“I have fished a lifetime to catch the quality of fish I battled with at Cree River Lodge. The pike fishing is so insane I had to make time to fish for walleye and arctic grayling—I love first world problems like these.”

Brad Fenson

Freelance Writer

“I have been in outdoor media industry for 11 years, and in that time I've been able to travel to some amazing places to fish. But I can say that of all the incredible locations I've visited, none has stuck with me more than Cree River Lodge. I have an insatiable passion for pike on the fly, and I truly don't believe any experience will ever top the fishing at Cree River. It was as close to paradise for a guy in love with toothy fish on the fly as you can get. If I could visit every year, I would.”

Joe Cermele

Fishing Editor, Field & Stream

“Cree River Lodge is a truly outstanding destination for giant pike! In the vast river system there, you can catch huge ‘gators in weedy backwaters, rocky river sections, and in wide-open lakes—loads of pike over 40 inches, with some pushing 50! If you get worn out by these monsters, take a break with a hot walleye bite, with most fish over 17 inches and some close to 30 inches. Finally, big grayling are waiting for the right spinner or fly pattern in the fastest river sections. The guides and accommodations are awesome, too”

Steve Quinn,

Senior Editor In-Fisherman Magazine


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