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Cree River Lodge provides nearly unlimited opportunities for the fly angler.  Endless shallow bays, channels, and flats teem with hungry, toothy pike.  Feisty Arctic Grayling await in the nearby rapids, their spectacular leaps and brilliant colours will amaze you.

The aggressive, slashing strike of a monster northern pike as it inhales your fly right in front of you has to be one of the most spectacular moments in freshwater fishing.  Chasing pike is becoming increasingly popular with flyrodders in recent years, and with good reason.  Pike are an ideal quarry for fly fishing.  Sightfishing for huge fish in the shallows is a blast!

For many people, the Arctic Grayling symbolizes the last frontier, the far north.  To seek out these amazing creatures, you need to travel to the land of the northern lights, leaving civilization far behind.  The best part is that grayling are a lot of fun too.  Imagine a fish that leaps completely out of the water to eat your fly… or better yet, come catch a few for yourself.

If you seek more challenging quarry, whitefish can often be seen rising within easy casting range of the dock in the evening and endless numbers of walleye roam these waters.  While neither is an easy target for the flyrod, both can provide entertaining fishing under the right conditions.

For the angler wishing to give flyfishing a try, we have several rods and reels available at the lodge.  We can provide some basic instruction and our fish love to eat flies.  Your next angling addiction awaits!


Tackle Tips


These tips are meant as a guideline only. Most of you will have your favorite equipment and lures that you know work well. We have an excellent assortment of tackle at the lodge so if there's something that you are needing once you get up here, or have forgotten, don't worry. We probably have it!





  • 9 or 10 wt rods with WF floating lines.  Sink tips can be advantageous under certain conditions.


  • Large streamers in a variety of patterns and colours, poppers and other topwater patterns can be a lot of fun at times.





  • 4 to 6 wt rods with floating line


  • dry – Sizes 8 to 14 – mayfly, caddisfly and stonefly patterns, heavily hackled for fast water.  Foam patterns work well too.
  • Wet – sizes 6 to 12 – Nymphs of the same species as well as streamers and soft hackle patterns.


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